Sonco Via

Path of the Heart

Intensive Retreats

Does your intuition tell you that life can and should be much more than what you are experiencing?

More joyful, peaceful, exciting, magical and passion-filled?

The expansion of the individual human consciousness is in the process of spiritual evolution and living in its cosmic connection, beyond the three-dimensional physical limitation.

Our intention is to assist and encourage your spiritual ascent into alignment with your purpose and your soul’s fire that yearns to reach its natural state of being, to thrive and ultimately soar.

Intensives are offered in a private or semi-private format and are custom tailored to meet you where you are at on your spiritual and healing journey. 

Are there elements or aspects of your life that are not flowing? Do you find yourself in unhealthy and repetitive patterns that you wish to shift?    

Are there grudges, negative emotions or ties to unhealthy relationships that you just can’t seem to let go of?

Our Shamanic healing intensives are designed to meet you and take you as deep, as high and as far as you are ready to go. A week of in-depth, self immersion through shamanic ceremony, energy medicine, shamanic counseling and soul retrieval, to name a few, can provide a life time of healing.

Healing is not a linear process and often what our mind wants to think is the next step is not always the case. Instead we ask that you come with an open mind and attitude of exploration and willingness to be the adventurer and discoverer of your own inner landscape and soul’s journey. The courage and dedication with which you show up is imperative to the success of your intentions. And we will be there with you, guiding, assisting, facilitating, encouraging and loving you all the way through.


Our retreats can be scheduled as a 3 day stay and up to a week. A consultation call to determine what’s up for you, what you are working with and what will be the most beneficial for you is the place to start. You may know what is on the forefront of your growth and we will most likely discover hidden areas of potential for your awakening during this consultation.