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Looking Back on the Future

Looking Back on the Future takes the reader on a mystical journey into the Andean Cosmo-Vision, the ancient teachings of Andean spirituality and their relevance for our current world. As a bridge to awakening, and our collective evolution, this body of knowledge is timeless and essential in nature, holding keys to guiding our global family back into Ayni (sacred reciprocity), and harmony, with each other, the Earth, Stars and all Life. In this book you will learn about the 7 Saiwas, Universal Laws that lead to the transformation of consciousness and reconnection with our origins.

Traditionally, these teachings and transmissions are passed down to the initiate and Paqo, (Masters of the Living Energy), during their training, which is how I received them. I’ve been given permission by my teachers to bring this timeless wisdom forward, and share these gifts with those ready to anchor the Light of the Golden Age here on Earth. It is my prayer that this book assist you and all beings to attain Unity within and without as we pass through this portal and Shift of the Ages.

“Congratulations to Chandra for writing this book, which is full of resplendent nuggets of wisdom from a people and culture that deserve getting to know better. Chandra does a wonderful job of illustrating important aspects of this culture and its spirituality, and in so doing, she brings us all into a magical world that is as deeply rooted in the Earth as it is in the Heavens. That her delivery is carried with simplicity and humility without sacrificing depth only gives more power to the teachings she so beautifully shares in this book.”

Javier Regueiro,
Plant medicine Maestro and author

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