Sonco Via

Path of the Heart

Shamanic Healing & Transformational Retreats

About Sonco Via

Sonco is the Quechua word, (often spelled with a “q”), meaning Heart Center. In most ancient languages one word can have many layers to its meaning.

Sonco, or the Heart Center not only refers to the individual and collective heart, but it also refers to the heart of the cosmos, through which all life converges and all life emerges.

Via means the way or the path. Sonco Via is “the path of the heart.”

Indigenous prophecy speaks of a New Era, an era of a thousand years of peace that is being ushered in at this time…

To the Quechua Indians of Peru this New Era that is upon us is known as the Taripay pacha, the “Age of Meeting Ourselves Again”. The Taripay pacha is multi-faceted prophecy shining LIGHT on the call to awaken the illuminated heart, to re-member our sacredness and make ourselves ready to live and walk on this Earth in a state of union with our Divine Nature.

Sonco Via is an extension of this prophecy and was born from the vision gifted by this sacred land, the Star Elders, and the vision of my heart that all beings contain within them the Seeds of Peace and the ability to live in a sacred way, with reverence for all life.

Humanity is currently in an essential phase of deep purification, healing and renunciation of all that creates dissonance, illusion and separation from Creator, Pacha mama and each other.

Sonco Via is in service to the Original Creation Plan and to bringing forth keys for evolutionary healing and self mastery.

We are here to assist those who have the courage, the will and the intent to transform their lives and to be vessels of

The prophecy also tells of a time when the Grandmother of all creation, the One who is the maker of life, and the One whom we have forgotten will call us back into remembrance. The Grandmother of all creation brings with her a deep love, compassion and nurturance. Her essence is now awakening within the hearts of men and women of all nations.

Sonco Via is the voice of her love and the ancient teachings of the Earth/Star peoples. Together with the land we have created a sustainable template for sacred gatherings where indigenous wisdom can thrive and reach the hearts of many.


We look forward to meeting you!