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Path of the Heart

Shamanic Energy Medicine

“The very nature of time as we know it is changing. More and more events are occurring in a shorter amount of time, creating stress and strain as we pass through this time of great initiation and ascension.

The emotional, physical, and spiritual wounds we may have suffered in the past are also keeping us trapped in unhealthy patterns that can manifest as physical illness and a feeling of disconnect from Source. These wounds become stored as blockages and imprints in the luminous energy field that surrounds and informs the physical body.

Healing these imprints allows us to walk with beauty and grace, clearing the path to choose our highest calling and reach our soul’s highest destiny.”

Shamanic Energy Medicine

Shamanic Energy Medicine uses the timeless healing modalities that have been known and used by the shamans of the Peruvian Andes for centuries. This ancient body of wisdom and these healing methodologies provide a unique approach to bringing your body, mind, soul and spirit into harmony with higher states of frequency and unity consciousness.

Instead of working exclusively on the physical body, we focus our work on the ‘luminous energy field’ (LEF) that envelops the body. The LEF is a template of light that holds information about how we become ill, how we heal, the health of our relationships, how we live and how we may die. This information is stored in the form of imprints, which inform and organize our external reality as well as our psychological reality. Every emotional, physical, and spiritual trauma that we have ever endured is etched into the luminous energy field much like a blueprint, predisposing us to repeating the same conditions over and over.

Shamanic Energy Medicine effectively works at the level of the blueprint, at the level of the energetic to clear imprints left by genes, past illnesses and traumatic events, returning you to a state of grace and power.


Imprint Clearing & Extractions

Healing tools, such as condor feathers, rattles, crystals, stones and other items are used to perform surgery and/or remove crystallized or hardened energies in the luminous energy field, chakras and physical body. These hardened energies often form as daggers, darts, snakes, and dense energies due to trauma and/or repeated patterns of negativity in thought, speech or action. These blocks can cause pain or disease in the physical body, as well as impede health of organs and spiritual growth.

Intrusive energies from external forces and disincarnate spirits entering the body of a person can also cause severe disruption in a person’s life and need to be cleared.


Soul Retrieval

From the shamanic view one of the most frequent reasons for illness is soul loss and breakdowns in relationship between the person and Spirit, and the person and the natural world.

Common reasons for soul loss are emotional, physical or psychological abuse, accidents, or shock from loss of a loved one. In essence, the soul, or parts of it, can become fragmented as it wishes to flee a situation that it cannot tolerate.

During the soul retrieval process the shaman journeys to find the missing soul parts, negotiates their return and then assists the client in reintegrating the fragmented pieces, as well as other gifts that the shaman has brought back for the client. The imprint and energy around the event that caused the soul loss also need healing on the physical, emotional, psychological and spiritual levels of the person’s being. This can take several sessions depending on the severity of the situation.


Sound Healing and chakra illumination

At the core of all matter and life is sound. According to laws of physics everything vibrates and has a particular frequency and resonance.

We are vibrational beings and each of us have our own natural resonance and optimal frequency at which we want to attune ourselves. When sustained periods of stress, anxiety, lack of sleep, illness, environmental factors, or trauma occur, our energy body stops vibrating at its optimal rate and disease within the physical body ensues.

It is through the chakra system that we receive, integrate and process information from the external world and our internal reality. When the ckakras get bogged down with psychic sludge, poor eating habits and not enough exercise, our immune system becomes compromised.

When you un-block the immune system, physical healing can happen naturally. When you unblock the chakras, emotional healing is accelerated.

Sound and rhythm, as a tool for healing, facilitates shifts in brainwaves associated with deep relaxation and altered states, which can induce spontaneous states of healing and activate the body’s self healing mechanisms.

Sound is also means for the shaman to journey to other dimensions and becomes the carrier wave for the shamans intentions.


Shamanic Counseling

Shamanic Counseling is a holistic and spiritual approach to addressing psychological and emotional issues that have resulted in depression, self-destructive behaviors, addiction and blocks to self growth.

An alternative to talk therapy, shamanic counseling sessions involve shamanic journeying, dream-scape exploration and communication with the clients spirit animal and spirit teachers through shamanic journeying.

Guidance and tools to empower the client with answers and wisdom to deal with life challenges such as family discord, health issues, fears, financial issues and relationships.


Shamanic Bodywork

Guided by the client’s body and soul, I use a culmination of rhythmic acupressure, Thai Massage, Cranio Sacral Unwinding, Polarity Therapy and LomiLomi Massage to unlock restrictive patterns held in the physical body, while raising the body’s vibratory resonance and activating healed states at a cellular level.

Shamanic bodywork is a great follow up to the Energy Healing Sessions and is particularly good for dissolving the imprints of old injuries, surgery and chronic patterns of tightness and pain.


Shamanic Astrology

We are each born with a purpose. Our life has meaning and an original intent that is directing us towards the fulfillment of our soul purpose and life’s intent.

The Shamanic Astrology Paradigm uses archetypal and mythological language, and is a map that leads us into this inquiry of soul purpose and to consciously connect with our personal intent, as well as Universal intent, co-creating with the Great Mystery.

Full Natal Chart readings are offered as separate sessions or specific aspects within the natal chart can be looked at and integrated into other sessions.


The Mesa

Mesa means altar and the mesa is an essential tool that the Shaman uses to bring order to world . The mesa is an animistic tapestry of sacred items and symbolic power objects that are infused with Kollana Kausay (essential energy), harnessed from the forces of nature, power places, Mother Earth and Spirit Energy. It is a living embodiment of the macrocosm that the curandero, or shaman, ceremonially uses to awaken deep states of individual and collective healing.

Through the ritual of the mesa combined with the ancient wisdom of the Andes Chandra creates a sacred and timeless space for the uniting of your human and divine natures.


Shamanic Journeying

The shamanic journey is an essential practice and tool used in shamanic healing and is one of the gifts that distinguishes the shaman and shamanic healing practices from other healing modalities. Often, but not always, the shamanic journey and trance state is induced by the use of rhythmic sound of the drum or rattle, song or medicinal plants. Sound, for the shaman creates a doorway or bridge into other worlds and the unseen spirit realms of the Great Mystery.

More than a meditation or visualization, the shamanic journey is a journey of the soul into other dimensions and the spirit world. During the journey the shaman enters a trance state to travel to the other worlds and carries with them a focused intent of a gaining knowledge from the spirit world, in order to bring healing and harmony to events of the past or to seek wisdom for future events. The shaman also journeys for the purpose of retrieving lost soul parts, power animals, soul gifts and quantum amounts of energy that are transmitted into the clients energy field and body for transformation and growth.