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There is so much to be shared on this topic, but my intention for this page is to provide just a few key points about Mu and the Lemurian Star Seed Codes that may speak to your soul and may give rise to understanding your call to the Hawaiian Islands and other ancient civilizations.

Mu ~ The Motherland

Mu ~ The Motherland

Lemuria is a modern name for what is historically called the Motherland or Mu. The continent of Mu, a primary civilization, is the physical manifestation of Lemurian consciousness in fixed matter. Lemuria can be described as the super consciousness of primary civilizations, pre-dating Atlantis.

Geographically, Lemuria is considered a super-continent and is believed to encompass the Pacific and Indian ocean, with regions extending from the coast of South and North America all the way to Madagascar in Africa.

Although areas which encompass the Mū landmass is somewhat controversial, there has been evidence of Mū relics found in Taiwan, the Aleutian Islands, Haida Gwaii, Rapa Nui, and areas of South America.

The Hawaiian Islands and Lemuria

The Hawaiian Islands and Lemuria

The Hawaii Islands and the Pacific are a place of healing and remembering for many people. Many of us are remembering our ancient and primordial past, and many of these memories include Lemuria. Perhaps so many are accessing memories of their ancient past because of the records held by these primary civilizations, their temples and sacred sites. These primary civilizations carry the knowledge, our purpose and spiritual lineage of the stars.

Within the creation story of Polynesian Societies is the naming of their Spiritual Lineage from the Stars, the Plieades and Sirius. The Hawaiian creation story speaks of The Hawaiian Islands being the tips of an enormous continent beneath the Pacific that was once home to a complex and spiritually advanced civilization known as Mu, The Motherland. It is said that the Maya, Inca, Tibet, India, Africa, and Maori people originated in Mu and that core shamanic teachings of these cultures come from Lemuria.

Many locations within these regions have similar myths and legends which speak of the “blue beings,” the “originals,” the “light people,” and “star beings”.

We come from the stars and to the stars we will return!” 

This is one of the first teachings I received during my first trek to the Peruvian Andes in the early 2000s. Many of the oldest cultures on the planet contain within their creation story the belief that we come from the stars. It is believed that the people of Mu originated from the Pleiades, and Sirius and immigrated to Earth, as far back as twenty million years ago and continued up until 200,000 years ago.

I attribute much of my awakening to the unlocking of the Lemurian Codex within my DNA and Akashic Records while working with the Andean Mystics of Peru and living on Kaua’i for 11 years. It was there that I remembered and activated my Lemurian Light Body and Shamanic Knowledge. I’ve recently come to understand the reason my original lifetime in form was a Whale, is that in order to adjust from a purely 5D energetic being into the density of form and a body, Original Lemurians needed to first birth through the waters of the Pacific to make this adjustment possible into the denser 3rd dimension of Earth.

Lemurian Life

Lemurian Life

The Elders describe the harmonious life we experienced in Lemuria as a guidepost for human civilization today.

Paramount to the awakening of Lemurian consciousness is the primary teaching taught to all Children that Creator/God resides within, there is no separation. To embody this truth was to live a life of Bliss and Oneness.

Those having experienced a lifetime in Lemuria carry these codes of consciousness and the templates for living in sacred, harmonious communion. As more and more old souls activate these codes of consciousness, the actualization of this next Epoch of the Golden Age of Peace will accelerate.

Lemurians co-created through instant manifestation, first creating vision in the third eye, then bringing that vision to the heart, adding sound frequencies, and color, with breath to amplify the intention. We worked in teams in a confluence of circular waveforms and the center of the spiral, which is considered the center or the eye of Source. Harmony with Nature was another key principle in manifestation. We are back now to bring these energies through to help our Mother Earth.

Alo – ha “To be in the presence of Divinity or the presence of the Divine Breath”  A greeting of Love and Compassion

Active work with Lemuria seed crystals can be very helpful in awakening Lemurian consciousness within ones DNA.