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Path of the Heart


“I have had the opportunity to work with Chandra on a number of occasions, to address childhood traumas. Chandra was the only person I engaged with, who was able to clearly understand the sources of my trauma and the associated long-term impacts on my life.

Through Chandra’s compassionate demeanor, guidance, recommendations and specific actions/exercises, I now am able to live in the present, look forward to a more loving and joyful future and live the life I was meant to live.”

~ Bruce A.

“Chandra Sun Eagle has been a life-changing gift for me. She has provided immense support to me personally, my husband, our home, our land, and our precious canine companion. Chandra Sun Eagle walked with me in the latter stages of caregiving for my mother and through her transition. And then also the transition of my loving Sophie-girl dog, all while teaching and mentoring me. Chandra Sun Eagle is a true professional with genuine compassion and gentle guidance, helping me learn and grow along this amazing journey of life.”

~ Barbara A.

“Chandra is the real deal.  I’ve been working with her for almost 10 years and she has been a crucial support on my spiritual path, including navigating a long and painful divorce.  I originally reached out for a healing those many years ago and the power of that experience still blows me away.  I am quite discerning when it comes to a person carrying this medicine, but Chandra has always shown up with full integrity.  I took an intensive apprenticeship with her about 7 years ago, and still use those tools on a daily basis.  The gift of that experience is still unfolding in my own work as a healer, and I am so grateful to call Chandra a mentor and guide on my journey.”

~ Heidi, Nature Mentor & Healer, Hudson, WI


“I have worked remotely with Chandra for over a year. Chandra has been nothing short of extra ordinary to work with. Her insight, wisdom, ability to feel into my experience, and provide a micro and macro view of my life has been incredible. She provides a wonderful combination of the practical and the magical. My self internally and my life externally has been lifted to a higher place because of my work. More love, more light, more self awareness and a deep sense of empowerment. I recommend her to everyone who is willing to enter into a beautiful and empowering realm of positive change.”

~ Leah Miriam, MFT, San Francisco, CA


“Working with Chandra has been genuinely life changing.  She has helped me find my way back to myself and to cultivate a level of authenticity, that I misplaced over the years of getting an education, building a career and caring for family.  I am now having so, so much more fun with my life.  I have worked with Chandra in a group setting, in individual remote sessions, over the phone, and in a 5 day private retreat on her land.  In every setting I feel so deeply supported and seen in the process.  It is my experience that Chandra is always there in the background rooting for me, removing obstacles and shining a light on the next stepping stone of the path I am choosing. She has facilitated a very deep level of clearing, clarifying and embodiment of joy, self expression and connection.  Chandra’s vision of dreaming a bright future for her clients, this planet and all beings deserves the highest praise and the utmost support.”

~ Lisa Brughera, Director of Finance, San Francisco, CA


“Chandra is wildly compassionate.  She makes it easy to drop in, open up and express the things that maybe I felt inklings of, but had never put into words – even in my own head.  Chandra has a way of listening things out of you.” 

~ Andrea Kirk, Assistant General Manager of Event Venue, San Francisco, CA


“One session with Chandra took away a lifetime of emotional stress and trauma, and it has not returned.  She is deeply compassionate and infinitely wise.”

~ Bette Timm, Jyotishi, Sonoma, CA


“I finally make sense to myself. This is the priceless gift, given selflessly to me, by my guide Chandra. I had reached the depths of despair, that place where you finally say, I want out of this suffering. This is where and when Chandra showed up in my life. Her wisdom and presence entered my world, lit the steps on my journey to Self, Self-Embodiment, Self-Empowerment.
In my continuing work with Chandra, I am humbled, and in immense gratitude to the unbound, vast space of support, growth, insight, and deep connection that I have developed within myself. I have come to understand what it means to be fully embodied, to see my soul fully and completely. If I forget, Chandra is always available to hold that mirror to Self. It is up to me, to observe, and change. It’s all in my power, and now I see that. I understand. I now look out towards the future, understanding how to use my past to light that future. I truly could not ask for a more heart-centered soul sister on my journey to Self. Always in gratitude to this Wisdom Goddess.”

~ Rita Balian, San Francisco, CA