Sonco Via

Path of the Heart

Shamanic Ceremony

“While in ceremony we step out of linear time, beyond language and reasoning, and into the sacred where true understanding, healing and wisdom reside.

We step beyond the limitations of the mind and into the boundless potential where the Heart, Spirit and the forces of creation unite.”

Ritual and Ceremony is an essential aspect to the shaman’s path. Since the beginning of time it has been the creating of sacred space and the art of ceremony that has opened the doors of communication between the indigenous people and the spirit world.

The act of ceremony was and remains to this day a space in which the medicine person is able to suspend the mind and enter the domain of the soul and the domain of the Great Mystery. It is in ceremonial space that we create offerings for the Mother Earth, the spirits and Great Spirit, in order to give back, seek guidance, and to bridge the worlds.



Andean Despacho
A magical ceremony for times of transition, starting new projects and bringing community together.

The Despacho is the central ceremony of exchange performed by the Q’ero Shamans of Peru. This ceremony is a gift of love, an act of AYNI, meaning reciprocity, and is most commonly created as a ritualistic offering to the Pachamama (Earth Mother) or Apukuna (mountain spirits). It is an ancient ceremonial practice used as a means to bring harmony within community, to heal, and to align our inner vision with the sacredness of life and the highest expression. Ceremonial ingredients, symbolically representing all aspects of creation, are infused with soulful intent then carefully placed in natural fibers to create a mandala of prayers. The despacho is then wrapped in a tight bundle and then either buried or burned. It is delightful and powerful way to express gratitude and give back to the Earth and the Ancestors for all that we receive.


Andean Fire
A powerful ceremony of transmutation and shamanic alchemy.

Fire medicine is the eternal flame of Great Spirit that resides in each of us, as well as all life. It is the fire of Inti (father sun), the fire in Pachamama’s core, the fire of lightening, the fire of lava that forms the stone people and the fire that burns wood. Fire medicine is found in the passion for living, spontaneous creation, the desire to love and be loved, the ability to hold compassion for others, and the fuel that feeds our medicine dreams.

Through the Andean tradition and heart-centered intention we bring to the fire that which needs to be released, purified and transformed. At the fire we cleanse our medicine bodies and connect with spirit, so we can live in Munay (unconditional love) and unbound passion.



Condor Blessing
A ritual to bring vision, luminosity and destiny retrieval.

The condor is the largest bird in South America. Its wingspan can reach 12’ across and it is the one who flies closest to the Sun. The condor is also the archetype of the “upper world” in the Andean cosmo-vision. The upper world is the place of our highest potential, star seeds and the place from which we source in order to connect with our “becoming”. When connected with condor we are reminded to “see” with the eyes of the heart and to soar wing to wing in co-creation with Great Spirit.

The ceremony begins with offerings, calling of the condor and setting intentions. Through a shamanic journey you will then be introduced and connected with the condor and its medicine. During the journey you will have the opportunity to ask questions, seek guidance and receive gifts for your soul’s journey. The journey is followed with integration of the new energy and gifts received, while creating ways to align your daily life with the information received. The ceremony is closed with the song of the condor played on an Andean Condor Flute.


Plant Medicine
Plant medicine is a gift of the Mother Earth that provides all we need to heal, to learn and to discover the inner hidden gifts of the highest potential that we possess.

As Master teachers, botanicals have retained their sacred codes offered to them at conception. Unlike human beings, plants have not forgotten how to interact with these codes, or its essence, providing a profound reconnect to our sacred codes that are  waiting to be activated.

We offer these ancient ceremonies as a sacred container for deep cleansing of soul wounds, connecting with the spirit realms, seeking guidance and harmonizing the divine and human natures within. All ceremonies require a certain amount of preparation by the individual and must be approached with humility to ensure a positive outcome. Our plant ceremonies are held for individuals and small groups and a thorough introduction of these offerings is made in person once you contact us.