Workshops at Sonco Via


Become a Conscious Dreamer,
Weaver of Creation and Light – Being of the New Earth!

Learn to Source from the Place of Infinity,
The Realms of Nature & The Realms of Spirit!

Accelerate Your Awakening and Anchor Your Gifts
in Joyful, Purposeful Living!

Step into Sacred Time and Your Natural Flow with Synchronicity!


Shamans have always danced in both worlds: the world of form and the realm of the invisible.Their very nature is one with all life and the fluid nature of creation. The Elders say that reconnecting to the indigenous self and shaman within is an essential aspect to individual and collective evolution.

Our shamanic workshops and trainings take place at our retreat center. Foundational teachings are offered in our online courses. Both provide a platform for deep healing, experiential training in the art of shamanic living, healing with energy medicine and working with the sacred to weave the tapestry of the New Earth Vision.

What keeps us from being in touch with our inner guidance? What keeps us from listening to our inner guidance? And how can we get back in touch with it?

Deepen your connection with the inner guide, Divine Creator, the wisdom of the inner child, your spirit allies and teachers, and your high self through the gateways of the body, the senses, Mother Nature, shamanic wisdom and the sacred elements. All of us are highly sensitive, intuitive beings with the potential to know our truth, what is best for us in every moment and to be able live from that truth at all times. When we are living life from this place of inner guidance, life flows and there is a sense of peace and ease, even when challenges arise.

Through shamanic practices, communion with nature, and ritual you will find yourself reconnected to the inner master and truth within.

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