Phone/Skype Sessions


Energy medicine and shamanic counseling done over the  phone or through Skype has been a highly effective mode of healing for many of my clients both near and far.  Sound is energy, Light is energy and thought is energy.  And it all moves through the unified field of consciousness in a seamless manner.  As an energy medicine practitioner and medicine person, working remotely is as natural as working with someone in person, and is equally effective.  




“Chandra is an amazing spiritual healer.  I have had several “remote session” with her on the phone, and it has been undoubtedly the most powerful healing work I have experienced.  She guided me wit compassionate precision into myself and helped me see blocks I never knew were there.  Together we identified sources of pain and released them.  The deep effects of my work with Chandra continue to reverberate into my relationships and life, and I feel more open than ever.  I will forever be grateful.”   Alyson Talley,  San Francisco, CA


Single sessions can be purchased for $180 or a series of three sessions can be purchased for $480 if paid upfront.